FROM 5th TO 23rd of OCTOBER 2016: 33st edition
Weekdays: from 6 pm
Weekends: from 11 am
Parque Vila Germânica of Blumenau, in the heart of Santa Catarina, along the valley of river Itajaì, in southern Brazil.
Latitude: -26.916081 (26° 54′ 57.89” S)
Longitude: -49.085047 (49° 5′ 6.17” W)

With a surface of approx. 95,4 km2 Santa Caterina occupies a region as big as Portugal or Austria, and has three big international airports: Florianopolis (Aeroporto Internacional Hercilio Luz: situated 160 km from the city), Joinville (Aeroporto de Joinville-Lauro Carneiro de Loyola: 115 km from the city) and Navegantes (Aeroporto Ministro Victor Konder de Navegantes: 60 km from the city).

Flying to Brazil is quite a journey, both in terms of budget and time, and it is not easy to find direct flights from Europe, this is why you must to allow two full days transfers on both ways. The cost of a return ticket ranges between € 800 and 1300.

The event takes place at Parque Vila Germânica (also called the “Central Park brasileiro“). Situated in the Bairro de Velha, a neighbourhood in the west part of the city, it is the state largest venue for events. Rua XV de Novembro is the heart of the festival, but the entire city transforms into a festive scenario during the Oktoberfest. Copyright © 2017/2018
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