The festival venues open at 18 pm, but on the weekends entrance is permitted by 11 am.

Entrance is free on the first and last day of the festival. On the other days the ticket fee ranges between R$6,00 and R$20,00. (1 Euro = 2,6 Brazilian Real , 1 Real Brasilian = 0,38 Euros)
Free entrance is guaranteed everyday to those who show up dressed in the typical Bavarian costume.
If you have visited the Oktoberfest in Munich, the Blumenau festival will look a bit different: less commercial and quieter, but as well happy and colorful. Some traditions may differ from the original ones at Munich festival, but remember that you are in Brazil, and even if Blumenau was founded by German colons, it developed in a quite different social and cultural context than Europe.
Another important thing to keep in mind: Se beber, não dirija (if you drink, you don’t drive)!

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