The surrounding of Blumenau is rich of interesting places to discover.

The paradise beaches situated near the lively seaside town of Florianopolis (a small Ibiza) alternate with the alpine landscapes of Serra Catarinense, with peaks of 2000 mt and heavy snowfalls throughout the year, a more than rare phenomenon in Brazil.

The northern part of the region shows a typical European aspect, where a lush nature full of forests and a vibrant economy seem to coexist. Stretched between the northern territory and the capital lies the valley of Itajaì, a little Germany characterized by timber-framed houses, a strong gastronomy and folklore, textile industry and typical alpine landscapes with mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls.

The Serra mountain chain, with its charming snow-covered sceneries is the coldest region of whole Brazil.

Heading south you will pass through a string of towns: Criciúma, Tubarão, Araranguá, Sombrio, Içara, Gravatal and Urussanga, all of which are strongly marked by a European feeling. The Italian culture prevails here in the food repertoire and the folklore.
This is where nature is at its most beautiful, showing an incredible landscape of rugged canyons and wild spots.

Last, you will reach the western part of the region, the “breadbasket” of Santa Caterina: endless fields where time seems to have stopped.

With more than 500 beaches creating a breathtaking indented coast rich of dunes, lagoons and small islands, Santa Caterina is the perfect destination for ecotourism lovers and all those dreaming of a “sol y mar holiday”. This seaside resort boasts a varied and rich tourist offer.

The colons left a rich cultural and artistic heritage in this area. Florianópolis, São Francisco do Sul and Laguna are the most ancient cities, full of churches and castles.

The Sanctuary of Santa Paulina (dedicated to Santa Paolina Visintainer, who’s supposed to be the first Brazilian saint), in Nova Trennto, is Brazil’s second biggest destination for religious tourism.

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