The Blumenau beer festival is a good occasion to organize a trip to Brazil, but it is not the only reason to visit this immense and extraordinary country, which will blow you away.

The Santa Caterina state boasts a landscape more similar to Europe than South America. It is not a coincidence that the region has been given the nickname “Europa brasileira” (Brazil’s Europe), and not only because it was colonized by the Europeans (precisely, by the immigrants from the Azores Islands who settled along the coast in the XVIII century. Afterwards, toward the half of the 19th century, the Germans colonised the valley of river Itajaì, a part of the southern and northern part of the state, whereas the Italians occupied the southern part. In 1836, 180 pioneers from Sardinia founded Nova Italia, corresponding to the actual São João Baptista).

Blumenau is the third most populated city of the state, and represents one of its main industrial and technological cores. The city is characterized by a typical Mittel-European architecture (mirrored in the numerous timber-framed houses), with plenty of green, well- kept gardens and natural itineraries (the Parque Municipal das Nascentes houses 365 animal species and hundreds of vegetal species, while the Nova  Rússia Park is  perfect for horse riding and outdoor excursions).

The town also houses a particular and unique museum: the Museu da Cerveja (in Praça Hercílio Luz), situated inside the former Feldmann brewery. The beer factory was founded in 1898 by Heinrich Feldmann, and was the first Brazilian brewery to produce and market a Bock beer.


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